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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trip Highlights

I finally downloaded the pictures from our trip to Brazil to my computer and as I promised, here I am to share a couple of them with you!

This one, as you can pretty much tell, is from Lucas' baptism. That was the only warm day we had there, the rest of the days were cold or rainy, so we were really blessed that day and little Lucas was able to wear the crochet vest that I made for him!

And this picture was taken at the costume party we had at my sister's house. My mother-in-law has a costume shop and we brought our costumes all the way from the US to wear at the party, it was lots of fun! I was an Indian, Rob was a cowboy, and Lucas a bumble bee (too bad you can't really see him very well, he looked adorable!). Note: the guy on the left is my brother. :o)

It was a busy trip, but it was sure nice to see my family, it is so sad that I just get to see them once a year... but I am really thankful for technology, with the Internet I am able to instant message and see them through the webcam, so that is a way to feel closer.

Today I took baby Lucas to the doctor, not because of his cold (which is terrible at night with his nose is all stuffed up, sleeping through his mouth and then cries because he can't have his binkie... poor little guy!), but because today he had an appointment for his 6 months shots - yes, 6 months already!

Well, now on the crochet department... I have been trying to make one item a day, I really need to start boosting my sales, things are not going very well ($$$) on this end... but I will tell you more about it some other time.

Happy September!


  1. Thanks for sharing these pics with us, Alessandra! Little Lucas has grown up a lot and looks so beautiful. Please give him a big kiss?
    Rob and you make a cute couple. :-)

  2. Looks like you had a grande time! Beautiful pictures, and I'm glad Lucas got to wear your creations.

    6 months?! Time really flies. :-D

  3. I've been trying to work on something daily as well. It takes me a while for the pictures and writeups, so I've been trying to develop a system of making items vs. listing that works for me and my crazy schedule! I hope for sales too, but right now my focus is on making things that I enjoy and crossing my fingers for sales. :-)

  4. Love the costumes. I know all about missing family _ Tom and I recently bought a webcam for his parents and his daughter so he can see his grandson grow.

  5. glad you were able to make that lovely trip to see your family...
    that picture of your baby in his vest is so good~what a cute boy!

    i hear you on the slow sales~~kind of discouraging...anyway...

    have a wonderful weekend~

  6. Memories in the making, Lucas is so cute! Am busy trying to stock a few different items in my shop too. Have been sewing and crocheting like crazy this week as I have had weeks holiday from work. I find it really difficult to take good photos to show off the items at their best. Any ideas? Dev x

  7. Lucas is 6 months...aww what a cutie! Im glad you all had a nice visit. Love the costumes!

  8. Oh my gosh! Lucas is too cute and he is getting big way to fast! Tell the little guy to slow down! :) 6mths! Wow! And the costumes are wonderful! Looks like there was a lot of fun going on. :)

    Good luck on the sales.


  9. Cute pictures, sounds like a wonderful trip.

    Here's to holiday sales :)

  10. What a cute boy! :-)

    I know how you feel about living so far from your family. I'm in the UK and my family is in the US, so email and Skype are lifesavers for me!

  11. Obrigada pelas fotos. Todos estão lindos e parecem bem felizes! Beijinho


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