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Friday, October 9, 2009

Hello everyone!
See the 7 neckwarmers in the picture? Well, they are the reason that I haven't blogged in the past few days. I was working hard to get them done, so I crocheted every little spare time I had, which usually is just at night after Lucas goes to bed and I am sitting in the living room watching TV with my husband. Those were made for a custom order and all I have left to do now is sew the buttons, which should be pretty quick.

Other than that I have started exercising, as I said before, I have my mind set to losing some weight, so besides the diet I am also doing some exercises, so far I have lost 10 lbs!
Oh, and baby Lucas is teething for real this time, I can even see the two bottom teeth trying to make their way to the surface. It's exciting, but at the same time the baby gets fussy, oh well, that's life.
I hope you are all doing well and I also hope to be able to blog more often.


  1. Nice to hear from you again. Just the weather for the neck warmers now. Here in the UK it is cold and damp and pretty miserable, though I love listening to the rain whilst snuggled under my blankets.

  2. 10 lbs? What kind of exercises are those? These neckwarmers are great. Congrats!

  3. They look like great gifts! Gotta love those custom orders. Glad they are almost done :) And yah for loosing 10 lbs!!! Good job!

  4. Wowza! you are incredible! 10 pounds already??????

    you rock!

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  6. I love these neck warmers. I have short hair this year and will need some to keep me warm. I was used to always having long hair to keep my neck warm.

    Congrats on losing the weight. I need to get back to exercising.


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