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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello there!

How have you guys been? I hope everyone is doing simply great!

Well, the weather has changed here, it is now the normal Pacific Northwest weather, wet and cold, but that is okay, it's part of living here. The trees are so beautiful with the mixture of green, yellow and orange leaves, and I love looking at them, in fact I should get some pictures taken some time.

This week I started taking baby Lucas to swimming lessons, and I'm so happy about it, he loves the water and has tons of fun. We also have been attending meetings for moms and babies, I found a neat group on meetup.com and it is just wonderful!
Oh, no crochet work to show you today, but I have this knitted scarf instead, yes, you read correctly KNITTED... LOL, as you all know I don't really like to knit, but boy, I have always been a fan of this scarf pattern, I have made tons of it in the past and retired it for awhile, but decided to make some more and I am loving it! I have another one just like this in progress right now, and that will go to the fair in November.
How do you like it?



  1. I love the color way, and the pattern really shows it off. I can only "knit" "knit stitch" I can't even purl, which I was told is easier lol. Oh well, have fun with swimming!!

  2. Love the colors in the yarn! The pattern looks so easy. You could make lots of those in no time!

    I love the colors of Fall also. It brings a big smile to my face. :) It's cool and wet here also. No big deal when you have plenty of yummy soup and hot chocolate!


  3. What kind of yarn did you use? The color is great!!!

  4. I love that scarf pattern , color, beautiful.

    Swimming lessons that is awesome and the mommy club.

  5. Did I read knitted? lol There is a knitting bug around. That is a gorgeous scarf and the yarn is just beautiful!
    Glad you are having fun swimming and meeting and making new friends!

  6. Thanx for the compliment! It is nice to be back in the blog world!

    I will write you when I see you online on skype. Then we can catch up a little bit! :0)

  7. Love the scarf. Great to hear that baby Lucas is enjoying swim lessons and you found a good mommy and me group. It is so nice to get together with other moms.


  8. Very pretty knit scarves and I like your neckwarmers too!


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