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Monday, October 5, 2009

I have been meaning to thank the ones that have complimented me on the new banner, but I keep forgetting, what is wrong with me? LOL. Well, I got the banner for my etsy shop for FREE! (Lucky, huh?!) I replied to a thread on etsy forums and was one of the people chosen by sparrowsalvage to get a free banner, which I like so much, and for that reason I decided to use it here too.

Today I received a message from another etsian saying that she featured my patchwork scarf on her treasury, so if you a spare time and would like to visit it and leave a comment, just click here.

It seems like a pretty good start for the week, I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;o)


  1. The scarf is so prtty and colorful! just as everithing you do!
    Congratulations fot your new banner too!

  2. I didn't comment on your banner before. I noticed there was something different somewhere but as am always in a hurry didn't know what was it! lol
    Oh, and congrats on being featured! :-)

  3. The banner is awesome. I need to make myself one and then open up a little shop.

    I love the patchwork scarf. Congratulations on being featured in the treasury.


  4. I really like your scrap scarf. Might have to take some of my scraps out and make me one too!


  5. Lindo blog, Parabéns !!!



  6. Love the banner, I took a trip over to Esty and joined and I was wondering Sandra how did you link or copy your esty store to your blog. Do you have to list items.

    How r u and big boy lucas? :)


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