Just Be Happy

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It certainly feels like Fall here, it has been super chilly outside, but with the beautiful sun brightening up our days!

So, yesterday I went to another "new" place (well, new to me and Lucas! LOL), we went for a walk around the Tacoma Nature Center, it was pretty neat. While we walk, I show him the colors of the flowers and other things we see on our path.

Here is another picture of that place:

Last night I made this neckwarmer, I used up the leftover soy/wool blend yarn that I used to make the ruffled scarf the other day. This neckwarmer is really great for that and also it's a quick and gratifying project.

And this is the scarf I was working on for the last few days, boy, it sure is taking me a lot of time to finish one project, but once again, I'm happy with life, so I guess that is good enough for me!



  1. Isn't fun to find new places to explore. We love that! Especially in the crisp fall air. FAB!

    Love the neck warmer. Such pretty colors. I love how you come up with your own patterns for scarves and things. You are so creative!

    Projects can wait. It's more important that you are happy with life and spending time with Lucas and hubby!


  2. we love nature exploration too....
    and hurray! scarf season is here....
    have a wonderful weekend~

  3. Such pretty photography! And I love the neckwarmer. The bottom edge looks so lacey! Beautiful!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lou Cinda

  4. Hi there. Looks like you are really getting out and about before the weather changes. Here Autumn is really kicking in and the temperature is cold at night now. Congratulations on Brazil hosting the next olympics after London in 2012..saw it on the evening news today and thought of you. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Dev x

  5. Beautiful scarf and beautiful neckwarmer!


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