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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My second knitted scarf is not finished yet, but it's getting there, just not too much time to craft and when time comes, sometimes other things come first, like these little flowers that I made for an alchemy that I bid on.

Well, I am still trying really hard to lose weight, but I have reached the point where you get stuck and stop losing weight, I won't give up though, I have increased the work out a little bit and have been using sweetener instead of sugar in my morning coffee. Wish me luck!
Have a great one!


  1. These are adorable little flowers. :-)

  2. you're a better person than I am, I cannot give up my sugar. I tried Diet Mt Dew for a week and I couldn't stand myself, I was a right out crab too. Good luck!

  3. Don't give up, it take time for body to transition and then you will lose more. cute flowers!

  4. Beautiful creations! :)

    I think the 3 best (easiest) ways to loose weight are...
    1.Incorporate more raw foods (Like fruit, veggies, seeds/nuts) Do a big smoothie for breakfast, big salad for lunch and dinner (Along with a yummy healthy cooked dish) and snack on fruit/veggies/nuts all day...Go to the health food store and buy health snacks if you have a sweet tooth..like me! :)
    2. Go for a 20 minute walk in the morning, and one before/after dinner
    3. My sister in Law has cut out all sugars/white flour and is dropping weight effortlessly!!

    You can do it girl!! Just think when you reach your goal how exciting and great you'll feel! :)

    ~God Bless!

  5. Hello Miss Sandra: Love the bright colors, I need to make a flower today for my nieces hat and your blog reminded.

    Sandra I am a whole health educator and counsel woman who have health issues, that being said I am familiar with the body and how it works, how food works, medication and well u understand.

    Our body my love is an intelligent machine, and when it does certain things, even the things we don't want it to do, it is telling us something.

    First we always transition and have patience because worrying and stressing create more cortisol which in the end make more fat.

    We never want to shock the body is buy making drastic changes it will retaliate in time.

    Your body is aware that you had a baby ONLY seven months ago, not to mention the pregnancies that you lost so it needs to heal so it is in the turtle mode and slow and steady does win the race. we see people go on diets or get a gastric bypass only to gain the weight back in a few years.

    You want to jump start that metabolism?

    You want to shed that extra weight?

    You want your skin, hair and nails to be radiante?

    Well u can acheive this without shocking your system and at the same time satisfy the hormones.

    Also keep in mind that your body will fight you because it knows your breast feeding and Lucas Baby Boy needs his vitamins, nutrients and minerals!

    So what do you do?

    Eat fruit for breakfast and lunch, lots. Pear and Apples are great sources of vitamins and fiber. Fruit smoothies that you add spinach and or celery to for lunch.......your body will love this and for dinner have 75 % veggies and small portion of protein.

    Twice a day or should I say when the baby takes naps........you want to do this exercise.........

    Lay down on bed or sofa, darken the room, Breathe deep and pay attention to the breathing, and think of all the things that bring a smile to your face.........and just relax.......no phone, computer, nada, do this for 15 minutes twice a day........
    think of beautiful yarn, colors, your babys smile, your favorite flowers, the sunshine, anything that brings you comfort.............

    In time you will have less depression, lose that extra baby weight, and your hair, skin and nails will shine.

    Eat celery and watermelon ....fruits and veggies that have a natural water are good for females around and during period.

    This water is better for you than drinking plain water.

    Squats.....just squat to the floor and hold it through out the day it keeps our pelvis health, and bowel movements with out strain.

    Hugs and by he way I do all of these things daily, yoga too, right in my home.

    I don't like to pay for things that I can do myself.
    Not cheap , saving for my retirement!

  6. Cutie blog!! Just found you off women's world mag (I contribute to that too). Keep going with the weight loss!!

  7. I love these little flowers. They are so gorgeous. I am trying to come up with a pattern for a scarf using flowers kind of like these.



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