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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Phew! I can't believe how fast the days have gone by, it seems like forever since my last post, I really didn't mean to disappear, things simply got too busy here.

Lucas has been having a tough time since last Thursday, he hasn't been sleeping too well at night, which makes my life and my husband's life hard. Fortunally (I'm knocking on wood!) yesterday he has a better night asleep, not great, but better than the last few days.
Well, now let me show you a couple of pictures of the patchwork beanie hats that I made last weekend. They were tons of fun to make, the changing of colors is something that I really enjoy because I don't get bored!

I also made three patchwork scarves, but you know what they look like... hehehe

Oh, I was also busy setting up an etsy shop for my mother-in-law's husband, it's called D&L Engraving, he does a great engraving job, he personalizes license plates frames, name tags, he even made me a couple of signs so I could take some pictures for the shop.

That's all for now.
Have a great Tuesday!


  1. cute hat and love the sign! i will check out his store.

  2. Love the sign and that hat is awesome!!

  3. Those hats are adorable! I hope Lucas starts resting better. That good night's sleep is so important!


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