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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hello there!

Today was an awesome day, I must say. In the morning Lucas and I went to the the Victorian Country Christmas fair, there were lots of beautiful tree ornaments, decorations for the house, food, lots and lots of things. I just bought one ornament that was personalized for Lucas' first Christmas and also bought him a hoodie - nothing for me or my husband, it's funny how we don't think about ourselves after we have kids.

Anyhow, in the afternoon, after Lucas' nap, we went to the waterfront and took a nice picture for our Christmas cards, this will be the first time we have a picture card, we were waiting to have our little one to do that (I'm so happy!), after that we got our tree, then we went to Michaels to get tins for the cookies.

Once we got home, my husband took care of putting the tree up and adding the lights, while he was doing that I placed the cookies in the tins and labeled them, then I started decorating the tree (with a nice big cup of apple cider!) I am totally in the holiday spirit!

Oh, I can't finish this post without showing you a picture of the rubber duckie washcloths that I received today in the mail. I think they are absolutely adorable, the party will be a hit if things keep going like this. Don't you think?


  1. Those washclothes are so cute! Lucas' party is going to be memorable.

    I will set up my crib on Tuesday (Dec 8th) and buy a poinsettia, keeping decoration simple. No tree for me.

    p.s. is any of those tins addressed to Spain? Just wondering. ;-)

  2. Those washclothes are adorable!!! Sounds like you had a great day!

  3. Sounds like a beautiful day to enjoy. I would love the Victorian Christmas fair. The washclothes are adorable. The will certainly be a hit.



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