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Friday, December 4, 2009

I have been baking cookies like a mad woman, seriously. My hubby and I were talking and we figured it would be nice to start the tradition of baking Christmas cookies and giving them to our family & friends. So... I have made M&M's cookies, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, caramel shortbread, lemon squares, and today I baked and decorated sugar cookies.

This was the very first time that I ever decorated sugar cookies, and I have to tell you that I now appreciate it even more. It's so HARD and it takes FOREVER! heheheh, I will sure make more cookies, but I really don't know if I'll be decorating them again... however, I had a friend over for the baking/decorating today and we were able to chat, so it was fun.

The cookies in the picture are the ones I decorated, I'm not going to show you the ones that my friend made because then you will be able to compare them, and I tell ya, hers were gorgeous!
I hope everyone is as happy and excited this holiday season as I am. Cheers!


  1. Your cookies look FAB!!! I think we are going to bake ours some time next week.

    Have fun dear! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. They're great!! I have never baked cookies - I don't have anyone to give them anyway. I just buy some Christmas candies from the bakery around the corner.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. ha! How coincidental! I was planning my cookie-baking yesterday and decided I should hold off until at least next weekend bc we just end up eating them! We do give cookies to our neighbors. I always make snickerdoodles, oatmeal scotchies, and chocolate with white chips. I try out a new recipe each year and this year I'm going to give the Thumbprints a whirl!

    BTW- I'm going to check out your shop bc I was getting started with knitting myself a scarf, but the pics on your Mini are fantastic!!!

    Happy December! ((How did the tea go over?))

  4. I don't know what your friend's cookies looked like, but I do know that yours are gorgeous!!! I have baked cookies, but never decorative ones like these. I'm sure your familiy/friends will love them!


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