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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello, my friends!

Time has been scarce lately, but nothing for me to complain about. I've been busy by choice. Every day Lucas and I get out of the house for some sort of activity, swimming lessons, play dates, story time at the library, and so on. I try to keep my little guy busy, he seems to be much happier when he goes out and interacts with people, which is something I like very much too, so we are both happy.
Some of my friends from the mom group and I started a book club, but not a traditional book club where we have to read and discuss... we just bring a book we read and liked to swap, this a way to get motivated to read more, I'm loving it!
Well, now talking about crochet... LOL. I am still crocheting toys, but haven't listed an y of them in my etsy shop just yet. Why? Because I'll have a professional photographer take pictures of them. How exciting is that? The photographer is my friend Sarah's brother-in-law and he'll do it for free, all I have to do is to send his business cards which each item I sell. Isn't it simply awesome? I can't wait!!!
So, here is the new octopus I made:
and a snake, which needs brighter eyes...

I also made a girlfriend for Rudy, her name is Judy. :o) (LOL)

At the moment I am working on a baby blanket - again!!! The number of expecting moms for the baby shower grew, so we need more blankets. Busy, busy!
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Having your creations photographed by a pro is very cool! Congratulations on the deal. :-)

    A nice weekend to you too!

  2. Great new toys, and a sweet deal with the photographer!

  3. LOVE LOVE the octapus!! AND a sweet deal from the photographer...lucky you! Would he travel to NY? haha

  4. That's wonderful that you and lucas are getting out of teh house. And i love your crocheted toys/ami's.

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  6. That snake is great! My 10 yr old girl would love it.

  7. Churning out the toys there, Alessandra. He he. I'm working on Penny the Panda. Cute. Once I understand how that all goes together I'm gonna do my own variations. They're pretty cute. I like your octopus and his cute stubby tentacles. Bonus with the professional photography too!! Yay for you. Hope that makes them sell even more.


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