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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The crochet toy making is just something I can't seem to stop, especially now that I bought the book "amiguri world: seriously cute crochet". I'm totally hooked!

Other than creating these little fun creatures, I have been busy getting ready for Lucas' first birthday, which is in exactly 2 weeks! There are all sort of rubber ducky things around here... but you will have to hang in there, I'll just show you afterwards. ;o)
Oh, we have also been enjoying the gorgeous weather that we have been blessed with for the last few days. Believe me, when you live in a place where it rains for 8 out of 12 months, you really learn to enjoy sunny & dry days. We go for walks at the park, we go to our beautiful local zoo, etc. Love, love, love the family time!
Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. Love the animals! Too darn cute.

    Keep enjoying the great weather in your parts. I think we are going to make a run for the great outdoors today also. The sun has finally decided to show itself around here. YEA!!!

  2. So cute!!!

    I love this site (you may have already heard of it):


  3. oi Alessandra!
    Gosto muito de passar por aqui e ver as novidades !!! Seus amigurumis sào sempre muito lindinhos, super fofos.
    Um bom início de semana pra você.

  4. "Seriously cute?" ummm.....YEAH!!! Adorable!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. So so so cute, can't wait to see the rubber duckiness

  6. Amigurami agrees with you too! Very cute toys here. Something about those big eyes is so cute!

  7. I just love all your ami's! I am surprised you didn't crochet little duckies or did you? I can't wait to see his party pictures, wow time go by so fast. I came across your blog when you were about 5 or 6 months prego with him, wow a year an half ago.......

  8. Lucky you with the weather, absolutely pouring down here today, so cold and grey and miserable. Really need to see a blue sky and feel a bit of warmth. Love your toys, you are really cracking on with them. I wonder if one will be for the birthday boy? I can't believe that he is nearly one! Enjoy the sunshine whilst you can. Dev x

  9. Your toys are getting cuter and cuter! I love watching what you come up with next!

  10. Super cute animals, they are a lot of fun!


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