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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great news!

Hello my friends!

Oh happy day for me! I woke up this morning, after a very hard night of listenig to a crying baby boy, to a very special e-mail informing me that the professional taken pictures were done. So, here I am sharing some of them with you!

Aren't they just adorable?

As of today, my crochet toys are available in my etsy shop. Well, now all of them at once, but I'll be adding a new toy everyday until they are all there. So, please spread the word and let your friends know!

What about my little man and the aviator hat with bear ears? I'm so blessed!

All the pictures were taken by Gabril Van Wyhe, a fantastic photographer and also a great person. Gabriel has a website filled with gorgeous pictures, to check it out, click here.


  1. Oooo - I am loving them all!! Such great pics - and that hat is too cute!!

  2. Love all the critters! And what a cute little guy showing off his pretty teeth. Gorgeous smile!

  3. Awesome!! They look fantastic. I can't believe you've done so many!! I've done my two and the third is not coming along so smoothly so I'm taking my time. Good luck with sales. I hope to get more in my shop too.

    And Lucas looks adorable. Love his hat.

  4. Fantastic pictures and Lucas so gorgeous in his hat too! Good pictures make all the difference don't they? Dev x

  5. The toys and YOUR LITTLE MAN are all adorable!

  6. I was all ready to comment about the cute, adorable stuffed animals, then I got to the last picture....he puts them ALL to shame!! So sweet!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great picture of Lucas! I would blow that up and frame it. Cute animals!

  8. Great pictures. Your son is so adorable.

  9. The pictures came out beautiful!! Your little critters are too cute but not nearly as cute as that precious baby. Love his smile.


  10. The photos--and the content--are gorgeous. Especially that little man!


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