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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Although it has been really cold since the last week, I am so inspired by the fact that Spring is coming that all I can only think about flowers, their beautiful colors, their smell... so I am having a play date Spring inspired tomorrow and I made some cupcakes today and added cute edible flowers to them. And I also thought it would be cool for us moms to have an art project "made" by our kiddos, to hang on the fridge door, and since all of our kids are too young to draw or color, we will do a handprint project. This is Lucas' one, we worked on it today so we can have it as a sample for the moms to see tomorrow. I have all the stems cut, so they just need to do the hand part. Isn't
it cute?
I am sorry the picture is so horrible... I scanned it real quick, but I guess it would have been better if I had taken a picture instead. Oh well...
Have a great week!!!


  1. Hi Alessandra!! I have something for you on my blog!! http://thepineconeteacup.blogspot.com/2010/03/my-birthday-weekend-construction-and.html

  2. Hey there! The cupcakes are supercute, but the hand print project???? It is adorable!!!! Love it!

  3. That is really cute! The cupcakes look delicious! Have a great play group!

  4. Oh how beautiful and yummy looking. What pretty cupcakes, enjoy, enjoy and congratulations on your very nice award! Elizabeth.


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