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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!

The first day of Spring here in Tacoma, WA was absolutely beautiful, it was sunny, with blue skies, so we welcomed Spring by playing ball in our yard, Lucas was crawling on the grass and throwing rocks around, but one of his favorite thing was the dirt. He really enjoyed touching it!

I'm glad we were able to have a good time at home, because we weren't able to go out... Lucas has red polka dots all over his body, I took him to the doctor and she said it's from a cold that he caught... oh my... we were battling an ear infection and had 10 days of antibiotics, now we have to put up with a cold and red polka dots. Oh well... at least he's still in good spirits, so that sure helps.
Have a wonderful week!


  1. it's a lovely spring weekend here in NY. We planted tomato seeds in our egg carton today - tohopefully be good enough to transfer outside in 2 months time.

    BTW- last chance for my giveaway today!!

  2. It's always fun to watch the little ones experience dirt for the first time. They have such joy in their eyes after the first few little touches.

    Hope Lucas is better soon!

  3. We had a beautiful day here yesterday too, today it is raining. Hope Lucas feels better. Happy Spring!

  4. Polka dots in springtime? What a fashion icon!!! LOL! Hope your little one's better soon!

  5. Little Ones and dirt....yes, I remember. Enjoy these special times, they fly by.

    Take care of the dots.

  6. Oh poor Lucas. Must be hard for you not being able to go out. You'll just have to make up for it later. :) I care for three boys as one of my jobs and they all LOVE playing in the dirt. Not much fun for the garden though.

  7. Here you go Alessandra!! I hope you enjoy it! http://thepineconeteacup.blogspot.com/2010/03/just-be-happy.html


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