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Saturday, March 6, 2010


My little man's first birthday is this Sunday, that means I have been busy and very anxious trying to get everything organized for this special day. The party favors are ready, the chocolate dipped Oreo cookies with ducky decorations are ready, the cake was ordered, the grocery shopping is done, the brigadeiro (Brazilian chocolate candy) has been made.... BUT the house needs to be cleaned, the decorations need to be put up, the finger foods and cupcakes need to be made... oh well, I am just the type of person that worries too much, that is extremely anxious, but it's okay, I want Lucas' party to be great.

I live in a small house, so unfortunately I can't invite the whole family and all of our friends at once, so we are having a party for the family on Sunday and a play date for the little fellas on Tuesday - that way I have Monday to get the house cleaned again and the food ready! LOL

Hey, but even with all the preparations I am still crocheting, of course - that's how I relax! So, the last two projects I have finished are these "Go Green" tote bags. I use about 60 grocery bags to make one tote, so I have been collecting bags from family and friends, which is makes me feel good, because this kind of tote gives the plastic grocery bags a new life in our world of use and toss. Both of them are available in my shop!

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to be back soon to show you some shots of the ducky party! ;o)


  1. You want the party to go well, and it will. And your little guy gets a two-for-one: two parties for one year of life!

    (You should see how many bags I have waiting to make a plarn bag. It's shameful...well, to non-crocheters. hehe)


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