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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I feel so silly... We were so busy during Lucas' birthday party that we barely took any pictures, other than Lucas eating his cake! Can you just believe that? Arrrghhhh!

But I really wanted to show you guys at least a little something, so I grabbed the last cupcake and the last oreo cookie pop and took pictures so you can at least have an idea of what the rubber ducky party went. The cupcakes were delicious if I can say so myself, they were white cake cupcakes and I got the recipe out of a cupcake cookbook that I have (crazy about cupcakes by krystina castella) and the ducky picks were ordered from bake it pretty.

The Oreo pops were a big hit, as always, I purchased the duckies from an ebay store, then added a cellophane bag and made a bow with ribbon - easy!

Now, here is something I wanted to share with you. Yesterday I received a package from a dear customer of mine from Canada, she has ordered 4 bags from me before (remember the felted messenger bags? they were hers!). She contacted me and asked if I would feel comfortable fixing a bag that she bought from another seller before she had found me. I love a little challenge, so I said yes! Well, along with the bag she sent a book for Lucas and a silver butterfly pendant/brooch with my birth stone (how thoughtful is that?!) as a gift for me. I feel so special right now that I want to cry. Thank you, Denice!
Thank you too, for stopping by regularly and reading my little blog!


  1. Oh the duckies! the duckies! don't you know you are killing me! they are so adorable!!! lol! I'm glad you had such a great time!

    And how nice of her to send such nice stuff! :D

  2. I love those ducklings as well! Too bad there isn't any vending-printer-machine and I can't have them by clicking on my keyboard. lol

    Glad to hear it was a great party!

  3. Happy Birthday to Lucas, and very cute cupcakes. Harry the Dirty Dog is a wonderful book.

  4. Oh, I know you all had a grande time! Happy Birthday, Lucas. :-)

    That was so sweet of your Canadian customer. Enjoy!

  5. how nice is that?? He's one already - time flies when you're having fun! the hat pics = fantastic


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