Just Be Happy

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I received "The Circle of Friends Award" from never over at the The Pine Cone Tea Cup, which made me really happy. Thank you, Heather!

The conditions to accept this wonderful award is to list 5 things that I like to do. Easy and fun, huh? So, here we go!

1. I love spending quality time with my family - like reading for Lucas, having dinner and chatting with my husband, going for a walk with them, etc.

2. I love discovering new places, like locally owned coffee shops, parks, restaurants...

3. I love having friends over, cleaning the house to receive them, preparing food and drinks to serve. We have a small home, but I love having it full of friends!

4. I like zumba classes, I never thought I would enjoy exercising, and I always thought I was too clumsy to be able to follow that type of class, but it is really a lot of fun, the mix of latin music with aerobic makes me sweat and feel good.

5. I love cookinng and baking, trying new recipes...

Now, I'd love to know more about some bloggy friends, so I pass this award to:

Paisley Jade - because I simply love her softies!

Fiddlesticks - because Dawn's color choices are always the most amazing ones!

CT - because she's a great bloggy friend!

Anything Fits a Naked Man - before her posts are awesome to read!

Diddle Daddle Designs - because Teresa's quilt and crochet work are fabulous!

Happy Monday!


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