Just Be Happy

Monday, March 22, 2010

Today was a grumpy day for me, don't ask me why... I don't even know the answer! I just felt really moody, but luckily some good things happened, making me feel better. :O)
The first thing was Heather's blog post all about "Just Be Happy", I almost cried when I read it. If you have a chance pop over there to take a look. Thank you so much, Heather!
And then, the mail man came and brought the cool hand painted shoes that I bought on etsy, perfect fit - I'm super excited!!! He also brought some postcard flyers that I ordered online, I intend to drop those in small locally owned business - they look awesome!

Oh, and before I go, let me show you that the amiguri family is still growing. A snow owl, a seal, a penguin, and a walrus have joined the others.

Note: my little one's red dots are starting to fade away, what a relief. :O)



  1. This to shall pass. Thats what I bite my tongue and tell myself when life is crazy. :) Love the animal family :)

  2. Glad the dots are fading. Where is a picture of the shoes?

  3. I hope little Lucas is better by the time you read this, and that you feel better as well. Sending you a hug, and don't worry, we all have down days, and sometimes just plain depressing ones. Sending love your way, hon! Yes, like Kash said, this too shall pass is one thing to be remembered at rough times

  4. Your amigurumi looks so cute! I'm certainly glad that your day got better and I hope tomorrow's is a good one too.

    Each day is a gift, just untie the ribbons.

  5. Glad to hear Lucas is getting better. Poor little guy.

    The shoes are too cool! Never saw anything like that.

    Your little zoo is just too adorable! Can't wait to see if there will be more additions.

  6. I'm leavin' my blues behind!! I've been too sad and grumpy myself.

    nice bits to cheer you up - my new fav: your penguin!

  7. hi there! I am also from Brazil and really love your crochet creations... my grandma taught me a bit as well - but I am not as talented as you ;)

  8. Alessandra, make sure you pop by and get the award I gave you.



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