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Monday, April 19, 2010

Baseball Hats

A quick post filled with cute pictures to show you guys the newest style of baby hats that I have been making. These hats are customizable, so it can be made to match your favorite team's color!
I just received these pictures from the photographer yesterday, these are fresh! I haven't even had a chance to list the hats in my etsy shop yet. :O)

What do you think?
Happy Monday!


  1. They are so beautiful!!!! the hat and the baby!!!

    you, my friend, ROCK!

  2. how cute!!! Great idea too! You're amazing =P

  3. I think they are very beautiful and neat! You had a great idea.

  4. that is adorable - but i think all you make is adroable! :-)

  5. I'm impressed ....your amazing!


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