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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yarn Swap - Are you in?

What are we swaping? 2 skeins of yarn.
Are you willing to ship overseas? Let me know.
When is the deadline to sign up? April 18, 2010.
When will the partners will be announced? No later than April 21, 2010.
When is the deadiline for mailing the yarn? April 30, 2010.

Are you in?

If the your answer is YES, leave a comment here letting me know what are your favorite fibers and colors, so your partner can send you something you will enjoy. Also, leave me your e-mail address so I can contact you to let you know who your partner is and gather everyone's mailing address.


  1. Im so in!! kraftykash@yahoo.com I love anything bright or varigated. Cotton,bamoo, or surprise me :) Prefer a partner in USA. :)

  2. I'm in too!!!! I would like solid colors, and like natural fibers! (would love to try wool - superwash if possible - or alpaca, and I'd kill for Noro but I'd love anything) I have plenty cotton here if anyone wants to try it! :D I don't mind and overseas partner!

  3. Count me in!!! I love variegated yarns!!! ddavis8409@triad.rr.com

    I am very willing to ship overseas!

  4. I am in and like anything natural, Noro would be nice, and I am willing to ship overseas. gwengoods@gmail.com
    Thank you Sandra for organizing!

  5. I'm in and I would like to be surprised.


  6. I would love to participate! I would prefer to ship in US...and I love all yarn! I think you have my address in Ohio...let me know if you need it again!

  7. I want in! Thanks CT!!

    I love MCN blends in ALL colors of the rainbow! and US is better but international works too!

  8. oops! forgot my email

  9. oohhh! i would love to participate!

    i like all colours (not so keen on black) but i love grey, pink, brown, orange, teal, green (you get the idea!)

    I prefer cotton or acrylic since my girls and I are allergic to wool.

    my email is jozpascual(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    Thanks for hosting!!!

  10. Sounds like fun. I would love to do it. I prefer someone in the USA. I love all fibers and yarns. I prefer natural yarns. Any color will be fun.
    email: tenotspam-junk@yahoo.com


  11. Sounds like fun! I've never done one before. Happy to ship overseas. My email is kelgellcreations@gmail.com and will be happy with whatever. I like colours and wool is always welcome as it's coming up to winter soon and I'm already feeling the cold.

  12. Hi, I am in Russia, and I'd like to take part.
    I prefer natural fibers or 50 % natural, variegated or viola, green, violet, beige, brown.

  13. I am in! lebou1sa@cmich.edu
    I love bright colors and soft yarn.
    Would prefer to ship within the u.s. but will ship overseas.

  14. Me too, please!

    I'd prefer something lightweight in pink, pink, pink. :-) I'm hooked on lacy patterns!

    I can ship in the states or overseas.

    Thanks, Ale! I'm probably breaking the yarn diet, right? LOL


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