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Friday, April 30, 2010


My little man still has a temperature and has been very clingy, I still don't know what's up with him... teething, ear ache... but I'm hoping it will go away soon. I'm feeling pretty good, thankfully.

Here is a picture of my new work in progress, I'm going to make another flower afghan, since I ended up selling that first one to the caregiver that watches my husband's grandma, she's going to become a grandma and bought some lovelies from me - yay for both of us!

And here is the turquoise and brown blanket that I made to send to Gloria with the pink one I showed you the other day. I absolutely love the colors!

What are you working on?
Yarn Swap Note: Today is the deadline to send the yarn to your partner.


  1. I hope Lucas feels better soon. Both girls are sick here. So I know what you are feeling.

    Love the colors of the squares for your blanket. It's going to look gorgeous with the flowers. And the two that you are giving to Gloria are just wonderful with the simpleness and colors you picked for them.

    Here's to a great weekend!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. The blanket is great! Im still into knitting dishclothes.

  3. sorry to hear your little guy hasn't been feeling good. that is no fun, especially for mommy!! my little guy gets clingy too and will cry by me just walking down the stairs, and he easily can walk down them, but wants me to carry him so he is coming with with me.

    love the afghan you are working on!! it is going to be a beauty! the turquoise and brown one is lovely too!!


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