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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hi there!

It's Saturday and I spend a good two hours this morning at home ALONE ! My husband took our little man to the store with him and I have the house all for myself, I must tell you that it felt even a little weird, but nice at the same time. I cleaned up, just a tiny bit or else I just couldn't relax - what a weirdo, then I sat on the couch for awhile, called a couple of friends to chat, enjoyed myself, of course I ended up crocheting, what can I say... I love it!
When my husband came back home, he brought us lunch and also brought me flowers!!! How nice is that?!
Now, let me show you the progress on the afghan I showed you the squares yesterday, it's coming also nicely, I am loving it.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. That sounds like the most perfect day! What a guy... love your afghan!!

  2. Let's see: Lunch, flowers, and afghans? Sounds like the perfect day! Cheers!

  3. Your afghan is coming along nicely! Nothing wrong with a little "me" time. :-)

  4. OO wow. Doubly wonderful. Some time to yourself and lunch and flowers from the man you love. What a lucky girl you are! Yeah, your afghan is looking good.


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