Just Be Happy

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A quick post, not much to say. I need to leave my house soon to take Lucas for a haircut, it's way too long, today I also have to take him to the doctor, he has been coughing a lot and I also want to get his ears checked.

So, here is that afghan that was my work in progress, well, it's all finished, even the ends are weaved in. I decided not to add flowers to this one, but I am already thinking about making more! I LOVE granny squares, can you tell? LOL

I also made these little guys, they are almost complete, I just need to embroider a smile on their faces, other than that they are ready to go, ends weaved in, eyes in place.

Now I am working on a new project, something I have never made before, something simple, my own design, but I will leave you without knowing what it is until I have pictures of it. What a teaser!

Happy Wednesday!


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