Just Be Happy

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today turned out to be a great day, not only the weather became nice, but we also had a lot of fun. In the morning we went to the local farmer's market and bought some yummy fresh bing cherries, the out of nowhere I decided to take my dad to the botanical conservatory and that was for sure the highlight of our day.
The smell of the flowers was fantastic, I honestly don't even know how to explain it, and the colors, oh... just take a look at some pictures, so you can have an idea:

I am so happy since I left the botanical conservatory, I'm also very inspired by all of that gorgeousness, plus we had an yummy lunch at an Italian restaurant - what's not to be happy about?


  1. What a beautiful place. WOW. Definitely an inspiration.

  2. Fabulous pictures - sounds like a great day!

  3. I love all the photos!!!!!! what a great way to spend the day!

  4. Looks gorgeous! What a fantastic day to spend with the boys. :)

  5. Sounds like a fantastic day! Those are some gorgeous flowers. :-)


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