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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A walk around T-Town

Tacoma, Washington - also known as T-Town is the city where I live and yesterday my dad, little man and I went downtown for a walk and since we took lots of pictures, I decided to show some of them to you.

This is Union Station, it used to be a train station a long time ago - designed by the same architect that made the Central Station in NYC. It was in really bad shape and the county bought it for $1.00, restored it and nowadays Union Station is a court house, full of glass art from our local glass blower, Dale Chihully.

This is the Tacoma dome, the largest wooden dome in the world!

I love this triangle shaped building on the right of the picture... it's a little Italian cafe and florist.

This is the Tacoma Convention Center and the little train is called "Link" and it's free to ride!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love Tacoma!! We went for a walk on memorial day. It's so pretty here!

  2. Gorgeous pics, the architecture is beautiful. Thanks for the nice comments that you always leave on my blog too.

  3. Nice. Hope your Dad is having a great time.

    The highways are very american. Different to what I'm use to seeing here but I'm not sure I can explain how.

  4. Thank you for the pictures, I love to see places people live. A fun day.

  5. Me too, Gwen! I love to see the places where others live. It's fascinating! Thanks for sharing your city, Ale. :-)


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