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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finger Puppets

Oh my gosh, time is just going by so fast, at least for me it is. From last Sunday until today I have crocheted so much that I honest think that I need to start setting a time for me to crochet, otherwise it will consume me! hahaha. Let me just tell you (I can't help it!), I made 2 earflap hats, 2 white monkey hats, 2 red monster hats, 2 monkey toys, 2 headbands, an adult hat, 2 button necklaces, a shrug, and 7 other hats - some new designs that I'll be sending to the photographers I work with. Phew!
Now... how I can resist crocheting? It's so satisfying to me to see the transformation from a ball of yarn to a cute hat, a stylish shrug, a fun toy to play with, it really makes me happy.
Talking about happy, I am beyond happy with the pictures I received from my friend Carolyn. The other day at a playdate I gave her a little ziplock bag with finger puppets and look at the pictures she gave to me! This is her little girl, Addie - cute, huh? I am in love with these pictures!
It was so hard to pick only 5 pictures to put in my etsy shop, so the pictures I am showing you here are different from the ones listed there, if you have a spare moment, check the other ones out, they are absolutely fabulous.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Those are so adorable Alessandra! You are so creative.

  2. Oh my goodness, these are fantastic. I'm thinking of all the times you are sitting somewhere and little one gets restless. What a great way to entertain and takes up no space in your bag. Wow. Way to go. I hope you sell tons of these. If my children were still little, I know I would be making a purchase. Somehow at 14 and 19, I don't think they would find them as amusing.

  3. You are on crochet fire!!! Those finger puppets are too cute. I can see why you had a hard time choosing 5 photographs. You've got a true gift. :-D

  4. Those photos are great. My favourite is the second one on your blog though, with a happy Addie blurred in the background looking at the finger puppets. You have some talented friends. And you're really expanding your business! Well done. How'd the farmers market stall go??

  5. Love all the photos, Ale!!!!! they are super fantastic!


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