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Friday, July 16, 2010

Hi there!

How are you doing today? I hope you are FABULOUS! :O)

Well, nap time yesterday didn't turn out to be as productive as I wished for, but it's okay because I ended up doing lots of things that I had decided I should get done. So, we went to a friend's house for a fun backyard playdate - there were 8 moms and respective kiddos, water table, little plastic pool, sandbox, sprinkler, and lots of backyard toys. For us (moms) there were lots of snacks, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, muffins and most importantly - chat time with grown ups! hehehe

After dinner, which I am guilty to say, but we had pizza yesterday (well, not the little man, I made food - that's something, right?! LOL) I picked up the hook and made 4 button necklaces - yay for hooky time!

Talking about button necklaces, I am beyond excited - a customer is sending me buttons that she hand-dyes for me to create a button necklace for her. How fun! I'll update you on that.
And here is something new in the shop, a diaper cover and hat set - a perfect photo prop. The diaper cover has ruffled edge that matches the hat's flower and trim. How cute is this?! I am working on the pattern, it will be soon available for sale. UPDATE: THE PATTERN IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR $4.00, WELL.. IT'S CHRISTMAS IN JULY SO YOU'LL HAVE A 20% REFUND!

Now I better go back to my to-do list. I need to work on the banner for my booth - Farmers Market is on Sunday and I still have lots of things that need to be done.

Happy Friday!


  1. Hello Alessandra!
    It is so cute! Congratulations on your excellent work!
    I may comment in every post, but read them all!
    I made a flower for a headband inspired on yours! for my niece. I blogged about it (in spanish, but you may understand)

  2. I wanted to say that I may NOT comment on every post of yours... sorry! back to my english lessons! hehehe!!

  3. love this!!! I'm really diggin' all your new pictures, they feature your work really well!

  4. Agreeing 100% with Ashley!

    Love your new diaper set and look forward to seeing the necklaces.

  5. What a cute idea? Only, diaper covers... they're usually covered up. :(

    Good luck with Sunday. How exciting to have a stall at the Farmers Market. I hope it goes very well and that there's lots of interest and sales too.


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