Just Be Happy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Phew! It has been another busy day, well, to start off the little man didn't sleep very well and woke up so darn early - you would think he would sleep in since he didn't go to bed until after 10, right? Seems like kids don't work that way... LOL

Anyways, I was up and the boy was playing, so I crocheted a hat, then fed him, we got ready and went to the YMCA, I did my zumba class, then went to the pool with the little man for his swimming lesson, got back home, had our lunch, then he napped and I crocheted some more, I was able to make two more hats and finish up (add tags, buttons, etc) all the custom hats, so that was pretty nice. After that, I took him to play at the park - such a sunny gorgeoys day here, now we are back home, almost time to cook dinner, but before I start on that, I decided sit down and blog. :O)
Oh, and also to share this sweet picture, this is my friend's little boy with a robot that she bought from me. Every time I look at this picture, it makes me smile. Thank you for sharing, Leda!

Have a great day!


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