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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things we do

When it's cold outside, which is often the case here in Washington (LOL), we - little man and I, stay inside and try to find fun things to do. I must admit, I am glad he has been enjoying coloring, because that is something I enjoy doing aswell. It's so nice that he is actually coloring now instead of just putting the crayons in his mouth!
In the afternoon the weather is usually warmer, even if it's still not a swimming pool day, but still nice enough to go play outside. So more coloring! Chalk coloring instead of crayon coloring. :O)
Or... little man chases Rabuda or the other way around, either way is fun to watch.

On the craft side of life - I have been super busy, taking care of some orders (hats and headbands) that were placed at the market (hopefully the people will show up this Sunday to purchase them!) and also working on new things to send to the photographer. It has been hard to get things done though, little man is teething again (canines) and he is very clingy and whiny... oh well, that's just life, isn't it?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I really enjoy watching little Lucas grow through your pictures!!! he is so big now!!! and so cute!


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