Just Be Happy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Being sick doesn't mean that life stops, especially when there is a little one around. So, even though we haven't been going out (trying not to spread the cold too much), we still have to find something to do at home.
I have been playing with my new toy -the camera that my husband gave me for my birthday! I am a bit overwhelmed and intimidated by the camera, too many options, but I am confident that with enough practice I'll be able to take beautiful pictures.

And here is a picture of my little man paiting. He had so much fun, I didn't touch the brushes at all, he did all by himself - I'm so proud!

Here is the end result, I'll use this paper to wrap my husband's birthday present. Isn't this a cute idea?



  1. What a cute little artist! I just love all the little creations wee ones make. Makes your heart melt.


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