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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hello there!

I've decided to use my camera to help me get out of my funky mood. How? Well, looking for beautiful, but simple things that are always around me, that are simply forgotten or not noticed, due to a busy - sometimes hectic life.

Gold Fish crackers on the table: Fresh fruit at the local farmers market (I went to the market with a friend this morning, on Sundays when I am working at my booth, I never have time to go shopping, ironic -isn't it?)

More fresh fruit - that's one of the reasons I love this season!

A pink/black granny blanket that I finished this morning.

And this picture is just to make you smile, and also to show you what I have been up to as far as crocheting goes (well, more pictures to come!LOL). This ladybug is for a local customer. I hope she likes it!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love all of your images and your crocheted creations!!! I found myself getting into a mood yesterday and today. I'm really trying to talk myself out of it. lol

  2. Hey! love the new layout! and I really dig the photos.. (the ladybug is killing me!)

    that Pink and black blanket looks so cool!!!!!

    I just grabbed my hooks, it seems like eons ago that I did something crochet-wise... it feels so good to be at it again!

  3. Good ole' goldfish crackers. A must snack around here. Love the ladybug! That is just too cute!


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