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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hi there!

I have a mission today: organize my yarn stash.

With all the crocheting I have been doing lately - believe me, the hooks have been smoking here, some things have been neglected, one of them is a yarn mess all over the house. I have a pile by the couch, I have another one by my side of the bed and some more in the spare bedroom. So, today I'm going to buy a nice and big clear container with drawers to organize everything.

I also have been really tired of my cooking, and I am looking forward to trying new (easy & quick, please) dinner recipes. So, if you have a recipe you'd like to share, it'd be much appreciated! I'm going to get some groceries in a few to make scalloped potatoes with ham in the crockpot today - recipe curtesy of my friend Sarah.

And here are some pictures of my new hat (available in my shop now), an ear flap hat with flowers. The adorable pictures were taken by the amazing photographer Krista. Check out her shop by clicking here.
Isn't she a darling?! I smile every time I look at these pictures!

One more thing, Mel [V] Designs is hosting a giveaway and I've agreed to give one of my flower headbands to the winner. So pop over there and sign up, there is still time!


  1. I love her smile!!!! great hat, Ale!!!

  2. Such a cute kid! Full of giggles. :-) I love your hat too. Kudos to yarn organization. I bet your little one would have fun playing in the yarn piles. lol

  3. Cute, I just made two similar hats this week! I love how you made the flower at the end.

  4. Just wanted to say your blog is looking fresh! Nice work. Nice new pic too.


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