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Friday, August 6, 2010

I know that many people are thinking "yay, it's Friday!", me on the other hand... I am like "Holy smokes, it's already Friday and I still have to finish the orders that will be picked up at the Farmers Market on Sunday!". LOL

But, first I am a wife and a mom - so this morning the little man and I went to our local zoo with a group of friends, it was lots of fun, it was cloudy and a bit chilly in the morning and maybe that's why all the animals were out! We saw the new tiger cubs, elephant, polar bears, etc and when we were leaving the zoo we saw these wild deers. Cool, huh?

My little guy fell down at the aquarium though and hit his face on the ground, he mouth started bleeding and his lips got huge. A friend of mine took a look at his teeth and she said he was okay, and zoo employee brought me a cold pack, he seemed fine. We came home, ate lunch and he had his nap - and I crocheted, of course (3 hats!). When he got up though... wooo, I tell ya, he was feeling the pain. :-( Well, after some teething tablets, orajel and motrin, he felt better and so did I.

Anyhow, thankfully after the little man calmed down, I saw outside to watch hi play in the backyard, then cooked some super yummy dinner if I can say so myself - whole wheat pasta with white Parmesan and bacon sauce, and grilled chicken. For dessert? To die-for blueberry muffins made with the blueberries we picked yesterday at the park.

Time to put the boy to bed and cuddle with the hubby while watching some shows on TV. Cheers!


  1. Poor little man. Hope he feels better tomorrow. I bet you felt awful too - and so the grey hairs begin! Funnily enough we went to the zoo today, well tonight actually! They had a special opening at London zoo from 6-10pm with lots of things going on inside, including a silent disco - yes we wondered too! Then we saw all these people with headphones on, dancing on the green - bizarre! Don't know what the animals thought of it all! Hope you both have a better day tomorrow, Debbs

  2. Poor little guy! I hope he's feeling better today. It's amazing how resilient children are. good luck with getting your orders done & have a great weekend!


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