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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Woo... today I was thinking about moms that have lots of kids, sometimes I have a hard time getting things done with only one! For instance, I set the table for dinner and went to the backyard to drain the water of the little man's tiny pool, when I turned around I saw him with a plate in his hands - Gee Wiz! I have to watch him every second of the day or he'll grab my phone and hide it, the bathroom door has to remain closed all day or he'll get inside of the tub or try to put his hands in the toilet... LOL!!! I love my fire ball son!

Pardon me for the bad picture (taken really quick with my phone), but I wanted to show you this hat. This is a custom order for a lady that is also a vendor at the Farmers Market. It's based on a cartoon character, and although it wasn't hard to make, it was VERY time consuming. I hope she likes it!

I mailed an order today (frog hat) and I'm working on a couple of patterns (shrug and tote bag patterns), hopefully I'll be able to get the done by the end of the week - I hate to make people wait!

I hope you are having a great Summer! We are sure having a good time with lots of outdoor play dates and backyard fun. Cheers!


  1. Omg!!!!! Now this hat I love ; ) I would definately buy one for my future daughter....

  2. It is so cute!!!! Really love it! Way to go Ale!!!

  3. She's gotta love this. It's too adorable. :-)


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