Just Be Happy

Friday, August 13, 2010

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, the creator of CraftSanity's podcast and blog, that I have been following for years. A month ago or so, I sent her a message through facebook, just to say hi and she told me she was coming to Seattle for a conference, so I offered her a ride from the airport. We ended up spending the whole afternoon together, we went to downtown Seattle for lunch and even stopped by two craft shops (thank gooodness for GPS!), so she could visit some other artists she had been in touch with, which was awesome for me too to meet such talented and nice people.
I truly had a fantastic time! I am so glad that my husband had the day off and was able to watch our little man and let me have a great day out of the house enjoying great company and wonderful conversations.
Now, let me show you the little monsters I made for Jennifer's little girls. Aren't they just super cute with the aprons on? If you read or listen to CraftSanity (it's free, by the way!) you know that she is crazy about aprons, so I thought she would get a kick out of this.



  1. I love the little critters! and the heart!!

    WOW Ale! I'm super envious! glad you had such a great time with Jennifer!!!!

  2. Oh that does sound like a super fantastic day! Love your new creatures and I'm sure she did too! :-)

  3. I agree thank goodness for GPS and wow what a fantastic opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. You know crochet is more than being creative it is love, kindness, giving...I am so happy for you that you had a great day. Get well soon, I remember those days not easy. Your little monsters are very cute and yes the aprons were a great touch!


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