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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's cold here!

This picture was taken yesterday afternoon, and as of right now the temperature is 23F! That means we are staying today, at least little man and I, since hubby went to work. We have been reading some books and playing with flash cards. I'm very thankful for our home heating, it sure is nice to look at the snow from inside of a warm home.

Hoping to get some more crocheting done, and considering the idea of ordering yarn online because I can't imagine driving on the icy roads. I'm from Brazil, remember?! hehehe

Have a wonderful day!


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  2. i had to delete my last comment because it was just riddled with errors. :)

    anyway, it's a snow day here too, in oregon. im spending my day baking pies and drinking hot tea.

    stay warm!

  3. I simply can't imagine living in a city that gets snow like that. The only snow we get here in Australia is in the mountains really. Settled snow that's thick on the ground that is. I may get to experience city snow when I move to the UK next year. A white Christmas would be awesome.

    There are lots of great places to order online and it's oh so fun to receive parcels in the mail. And after your comment, I feel like a hot chocolate too. A hot chili choc. Mmmm

  4. Oh my stars!! It is 80 degrees here today!!! I am wearing short sleeves! Is that not unreal? It is beautiful though....the snow I mean! lol

    They are predicting cooler temps here Friday...I am SO ready!!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  5. e o calor aqui está chegando
    quatro dias de 30C e hoje chuvarada, quase temporal
    abraços do Brasil


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