Just Be Happy

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scratch what I said on my last post... I WAS catching up, then got swamped again - thankfully! hehehe

There are so many new things to show you, I really need to find time to blog more often, and there are also many things going on here, lots of good thigns, lots of work being done. I am happy to be busy, I like life that way.

Kamieo, the photographer, came over on Friday and took tons of awesome pictures, here is the my new creation, a snowman hat, and the the handsome little man is my friend's son. He's darling!

Are you prepared for Christmas? Are you done shopping? I am so looking forward to it, I am not done shopping, in fact I have done very little of it so far, but I am excited, can't wait to go to the tree farm and get our tree, to decorate the house, bake cookies.... so much fun!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday, I intend to go buy some yarn, make some pumpkin cookies, watch my little man play, and crochet as much as I can. Cheers!


  1. Wow! You're really coming out with HEAPS of designs. And see you are keeping super busy. Good to hear.


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