Just Be Happy

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Such a nice weekend over here. On Saturday morning I took the little man to the children's museum, then we went to a kid's concert at the philharmonic, it was so nice to see my cutie pie dancing, and having fun. In the afternoon, the three of us went to a park that has the tallest totem pole in the US, it was fun even though it was super cold!

Today we spent most the day in, just playing with legos, reading books, some crocheting and cooking (I made a yummy Chinese Chicken Stew) for me, too. It's snowing outside now, so feels good to be cozy and warm in our little home.

Here are a couple of pictures I received from customers, the first one is from a customer in Missouri. Cute, huh? And these two cutie pies are wearing Just Be Happy hats all the way in Croatia!



  1. Great photos!

    I was teaching the kids about totem poles and showed them some that are in your area. I thought of you. :-)

    That Chinese Chicken Stew sounds very interesting. I'm curious to know the ingredients/flavor.

  2. Totem poles are so cool! Hopefully we will make a trip up to your area one day and see them for ourselves. The hats are awesome! Nice job as usual. :)


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