Just Be Happy

Friday, November 12, 2010

Today was a weird day, just kinda "blah"... We had a wonderful morning with friends at the Children's Museum, after that we were going to a place to eat soup, but I was driving around and around and just couldn't find it, I gave up and headed home, still wanting soup, so I stopped at the grocery store and got some of their soup of the day, it was pretty yummy actually.

Nap was a disaster, just 45 minutes, and lots of it was tossing and turning, I didn't have time to do anything, no crochet, no cleaning, no nothing... now that I am writing this, I realize that is probably why I think the day wasn't so good... LOL
I feel so icky, not in a sick way, that I don't even feel like cooking today, so the menu here for dinner is garden burgers with cheese and spinach, that's it!
On a happy note, I ordered our family Christmas' cards!
Oh, and here are some monster hats. Pictures are from Kamieo Photography - love them (hats & pictures)!


  1. that's what i need to do, order our christmas cards. have any suggestions for inexpensive photo cards?


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