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Monday, November 1, 2010

Wooo, I am back! Can't believe I am posting today again... LOL. I guess the weekend was good for me, I had time to crochet a lot and even though I am not done with all the orders I have, I am feeling good about the progress I made.
How was your guys' halloween, by the way? Ours was great! My husband and I took our little man to the YMCA for a costume parade and trick or treating, it was so cute to see all the little ones dressed up! Last night was fun, too. Little man was extremely excited to answer the door and give out candy, he would run every time he heard the door bell, it was just too cute. I love the age he's in right now, so much fun!
And here are some of new pictures from Kamieo Photography, I love her work and love her as a person, too. If you are from this area, you should consider her, she's simply awesome. :)

A doggy... A lovely little monster...
And an apple...

Wishing you all a wonderful week. Cheers!


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