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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big News!

Hello my friends, once again things got busy this end and I had to put all my energy on the orders I received because I want the people who ordered to be able to gift them, so I had to make sure they were mailed as soon as possible. I have 6 more hats to do and I will be all caught up, but before that happens I need to go buy more yarn since I ran out of the main color I need... *sigh*.

Anyhow, I wanted to show you some of the gifts that are under our tree, I love them dearly. All the gifts were wrapped in the little man's art work, so it makes them extra special. So darn cute!

And now, I want to share some BIG NEWS with you (no, I am not pregnant! LOL), but this is tremendously exciting, it's like a baby, but in a different way.

For the past 6 months - at least, I have been working on a crochet pattern book, that I'll self publish with the funds I have been saving from the sales of my crochet work, and I am now very close to the finishing line. ISBN number has been bought, manuscript has been written, professional pictures taken, cover design has been chosen, patterns have been all tested, all the files have been sent to the publishing company and a project coordinator has been assigned to help me through the process. I must saying that creating a book is much more work than I have ever anticipated, very exciting, too. The book includes 12 hat patterns for babies and toddlers, and if I can say so myself, they are adorable and will melt your heart!

So cross your fingers for me, I am hoping to have the book out in the beginning of next year, which wasn't my original plan - I was hoping to have it by the end of this year, but as I said, it was more work than I ever imagined, but still worth the nights that I didn't sleep very well thinking about it... LOL
Now I better get back to my crochet and play with my little man, he's got a cold, didn't have a good night at all, crying because it was hard for him to breath, so he is in need of lots of cuddling and love today, which is fine with me.


  1. How very exciting! I hope it all goes as planned and you are able to have it out in the new year. Stay warm and cuddle with the little man. :)

  2. Very exciting news! Can't wait to see it published. Congratulations! :-D

  3. This is fabulous news! I can't wait to see your work in print. And yes, I'll buy a copy. :-)

  4. Congratulations!!!! So happy for you. Can't wait to get an autographed copy....


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