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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Food Fun

Hi there!

Since I don't have any new crochet items to show you yet (soon though, as I've been working on new hat designs), I'd like to show you something I like doing at home: fun food for my little man. He's a very good eater, has always been, so preparing the food in a cute way is just something I do for fun, he loves it, I love it.
So here are some meals & snacks I've made before:

*Egg made in a piggy mold, cucumbers cut with mini flower cookie cutter, rice face with strawberry smile and cheese eyes.

*Strawberries, blueberries, one apple, and fat free whipped cream. I cut up the apple and used a small and medium heart cookie cutters.

*Ground beef with veggies and a heart of rice. ;o)

* Cantaloupe stars

I think we can be creative not only with what we cook, but the way we present the food, these are the true healthy happy meals.


  1. Think I might have to get some mini cutters. They all look great. Thanks for the ideas.


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