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Friday, January 7, 2011


I have been on a cleaning & organizing frenzy for awhile now, there are several reasons for that:

- there are a lot of junk that needed to be thrown away
- I want to know where everything is and not waste so much time looking for things
- my husband has been sneezing because of dust (so I've been washing all the curtains, comforters, etc)
- things look nicer when they are neat
- I can fit everything in my cupboards when they are organized
- MY FAMILY IS COMING TO VISIT next month - yay! (and they need a place to put their stuff! LOL)

Anyhow, I am happy. :-)

Now, let me tell you, I am sore... Gee Wiz, I am more sore today from jogging than I was yesterday, I am hoping some of the pain goes away for me to do it again tomorrow, like I am supposed to. I feel so out of shape, even though I go to zumba classes twice a week and run after my toddler all day, every day. Fingers crossed!

On the crochet front, here is that hat I mentioned the other day that I made for my little man:


  1. Hi Sandra,
    I am doing the same, our house is so dry and full of dust now that we have to put the heat on. I just order a Honeywell Humidifier from Amazon, it does 2300 sq ft. My main floor does not get to dusty but upstairs were we have carpet is awful. Your going to Zumba and running that is fantastic.....I am going to Zumba with my Aunt, so much fun.

  2. that's what i need to do, clean and organize my house :)


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