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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love is in the air

I am so proud of myself today, it was such a busy day and even though I am still sore from the first day of jogging, I conquered the second day. It wasn't easy, but it felt good. It wasn't raining, so I decided to jog at a park nearby. The cold air (it was 40F out) was burning my nostrils, but the smell of the trees and the fact I was surrounded by nature made me feel so good.
Now, on the cleaning front... one of my fingers is almost raw from all the scrubbing, and I am not even close to the halfway mark yet... today I wiped the blinds, washed curtains, organized one more drawer, cleaned a couple of windows, and that's it, didn't have time to do anything else. LOL
And now, lets talk about crochet stuff... I know it's hard to jump from one holiday to another so quickly, but when you have a business, you have to start planning ahead. So, here are the pictures of my Valentine's Day collection:

* Earflap with pom-poms and heart*


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