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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have two nephews, one is 8 years old and one is almost 3, they are both my sister's kids and they are coming to visit next month. So, I made them hats, I still intend to make a couple more, so each of them will have two hats to wear here in the Winter, since it's Summer in Brazil, it'll be awhile before they use them again.

This one is for my oldest nephew: and this is for the little one:

I have been so busy that I have a headache... SO much going on here, still cleaning, working on several orders, creating new items, taking care of the little man's second birthday arrangements, etc.
I hope you guys are doing well. Cheers!


  1. Omg!!!! I am LOVING the last hat!!! It is awesome and Miguelito caught a glance of it and loved it very cool ;) Your nephew will love it and the colors -spectacular!!!! Hope your headache goes away very fast ;) Kary xo

  2. Oh..is very cute.. i loved your blog..already following your blog!!
    Kiss Mô =)

  3. Love the hats! I bet your nephews will love them!!!!

  4. Seu sobrinho vai amar!!

    Venha me fazer uma visitinha

  5. such cute hats. They will love them.



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