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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh my goodness, this is a quick post, but full of pictures.

Here is a duck amigurumi I made for the same customer that ordered the duck hat. It's for a little boy's first birthday. A picture of the back, so I can show you my label. :-)
And here is my sweetie pie in the backyard, driving the power wheel he got from his uncle yesterday.
It amazes me that the little car goes through the wet and tall grass we have in our backyard, but I am really thankful it does because we don't have enough room for the little man to drive it inside.
I've gotta get back to my crochet now, I've got some orders to work on.


  1. Estou achando o máximo te acompanhar todos os dias. Temos muito em comum, e pra completar, amo os EUA. Estive a pouco tempo fazendo uma viagem com minha família, passamos por 5 estados, foi muito legal. Amo falar inglês, mas não consigo escrever, tenho um bloquio total. Ensinamos inglês como primeira lingua para meu pequeno Arthur, faz só um ano que ele fala portugues. Depois me conte um pouco de vc, fico super curiosa.
    Até mais,

  2. What a cute duckie!!!! you have a lot of talent!

  3. How cute is that?! And that label rocks! :-)
    Your little man looks so grown up now, it's always a pleasure to see pictures of him having fun.
    Take care!

  4. Gorgeous duck! I really miss my boys being that size! My youngest is trying to ween me off walking him to school.


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