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Friday, January 14, 2011


Although I know progress has happened in my cleaning and organization mission, at times I feel like giving up, but I've done so much that I might as well just do everything that is left and I'm sure I'll be happy when I'm finished.
Here is what I've done so far:
-My room: DONE! (cleaned and organized the closet, night stands and dresser, washed the curtains and bedding, vacuumed and dusted)
- little man's room: DONE! (cleaned and organized his closet, including putting all the clothes that didn't fit away, washed curtains and bedding, cleaned and dusted everything else)
- Hallway closets: DONE (threw everything that we had no use for, organized the linens and coats, cleaned and dusted)
- Pantry: DONE
- Laundry Closet: DONE! (threw away junk that was store there, organized the cleaning products, folded all the rags - dork!, cleaned everything!!!!)
- Kitchen: almost there! LOL (3 more cabinets and one drawer to clean and organize, those are the easy ones at least)
- Living room: also almost there...LOL (cleaned all the toys that stay in a toy chest, my husband organized all the TV components and even the DVDs, all is left are a few small drawers that have the little man's books and some of my craft stuff)
- Bathroom: DONE! (cleaned and organized the cabinet, exhaust fan, etc)
- Spare Room: I haven't even started... that's the tip of my iceberg, that room is an upside down mess, so I am crossing my fingers to find the motivation to tackle it this weekend, it's so bad that we even need to shampoo the carpet in there, so wish me luck!

On the crochet front, I wanted to show you a picture of a custom hat I made for a customer, I think it turned out pretty cute and I must admit that this is a color combo I would not have thought about putting together, but I really like it. This is one of the reasons I like custom orders so much.

Oh, let me also tell you about the book! Today I submitted what I believe to be my last revisions. If I am correct, once I receive them back from the publishing company and give them my approving word, they will send me a proof copy of the book and start the marketing process (selling it at amazon, etc). I am beyond excited, this has been a very exciting experience and I'm ready to be done with this part and have my book in my hands!
Talking about journey, today I started the Week 2 of the jogging program, I feel really good, I am nowhere near as sore as I was after the first day. Woo hoo!


  1. Nossa, acompanho seu blog todos os dias, ou quando tem novos posts e curto demais, preciso começar a me dedicar mais ao meu próprio blog, mas não tenho muito tempo. Mas prometi que em 2011 vou separar mais tempo para as coisas que amo fazer, e acompanhar blogs como o seu, é um dos meus prazeres. E finalmente terminei o meu diário da última viagem que fiz. Quando puder, me visite, ficarei super feliz.
    Com Carinho,

  2. Girl, the next thing you'll tell us is that you've started a business on how to clean. Sometimes I wish I could get a team like "Mission Organization" to come my way. lol Your family will be quite impressed and feel super comfortable.

    The hat is very cute! And you're one step closer to having that book in your hands. Get your hubby to take a picture of you with your first copy!

  3. You are being so productive it makes me feel utterly lazy! I'm lacking so much motivation at the moment. Though I am knitting away and have ordered yarn for a baby blanket I'm going to make. Organising, exercising...barely any motivation there for me. Glad to hear you are on the ball. Hope you don't get lost in the spare room.


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