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Sunday, February 13, 2011

It was such a gorgeous day out today and we did go out, but to the urgent care so my hubby could get his back checked and while he was in the doctor's office, which was almost 3 hours, the little man was with me and I had to find things to keep him busy.
So, we walked outside until he asked me to pick him up, checking out the trees, moss, the stores that were closed, and even got a free piece of cake from a bakery! LOL

Then we sat on the car, listened to music for awhile, then little man spotted my permanent markers and wanted to color, the only paper I had around was the local City Arts magazine, which I had already read, so we "recycled" it - it became coloring pages.

We also enjoyed the sunshine while reading "Harry the dirty dog" and playing with the car lights - believe me, for a moment I thought the car battery would die.

At home we colored some more, read some more... I am sure ready to get out tomorrow for some real fun!
The good news is that I'm feeling better and so is my little man, after 3 days of just staying inside and being conservative with what we eat, we are doing better. I was even able to squeeze in some crocheting during the little man's nap time - I had a pile of orders waiting for me to work on. Now I just hope hubby feels 100% soon, too!
Have a wonderful (healthy) week! :o)


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