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Friday, February 18, 2011

Out & About

Yes, we are always out and about, that's one of the reasons we were so miserable while we were sick, we couldn't go out.

Yesterday was the 3rd Thursday of the month and that means Art Walk. All the museums in Tacoma as well as several art galleries are free of charge from 5pm-8pm. So I fed the little man his dinner a little early and we went to the Washington State History Museum to look at the model trains. Of course we looked at other things, but I think the trains were his favorite.

And today we went out for pancakes, then grocery shopping, Post Office, and then I decided to go check out a co-op pre-school, and as I coming out of the school I noticed that across the street there was an apple orchard park, so we went there for a little while. I met a mom that was there with her kids and she told me she "rents" an apple tree for the year for $35.00 ($50.00 if you want someone to trim it for you) and she gets all the apples the tree produces. Fun, huh?

Happy Friday!


  1. We need to get out more like you guys!
    Thats the same preschool were thinking for mason next year :)

  2. Boys and their toys. Funny how they naturally gravitate to what we class as boy things. The rent-an-apple-tree is a cool idea. I like it.

  3. What a great idea with the tree! I would do that. Your little man is getting so big. :)

  4. Nossa, ale, so ai mesmo pra achar este tipo de csa, alugar uma arvore! Que legal! E como e pre escola por ai?

  5. Don't rent a tree, we have so many apples they all go to waste each year! Last year we did a couple apple picking play dates and I plan to do some again this fall. We live at the end of the street that the apple orchard is on! So cute :)


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