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Monday, February 7, 2011

What a day!

So this morning I took the little man to meet lots of his little buddies at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle - pretty much one hour drive from our home. The first Monday of every month is free (thankfully!), sponsored by Fred Meyers.

I don't like to drive on the freeway, but that won't stop me from going to places, I just get to where I want to go a little tense, but I still go. Anyhow, when we were taking the exit to Seattle, my little man started puking exorcist style, choking on his on puke from being car sick. I tell ya, I was freaking out, Seattle is a busy city, specially on a week day and it's virtually impossible to find a street parking spot, so I just tried to call him down by talking to him and kept driving until I got there.

Boy oh boy... little boy was covered, and I didn't have a chage of clothes for him, just a clean coat. So I took his t-shirt and sweater, wiped him and his pants, car seat, etc and put the clean coat on and off we went. At the gift shop we bought a silly t-shirt for almost 20 dollars, but at least he was happy and dry and ready to play.
One of the highlights of the morning was the tropical butterfly room, it was just amazing! Butterflies everywhere, so beautiful! (Sorry about the bad quality picture, I didn't bring my camera and had to use my phone)

But now, forget about all the bad stuff, let me show you some cute new pictures, the first one is a bear beanie, just like the ones I already had at the shop, but this time the picture was taken by Brooke Jakubov. Isn't it adorable?

And this one is a little man's crochet tie, it's only intended to be used as photo prop. My friend Kamieo Fox took this darling picture. Tie is available as of today at the shop, too.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I really feel for you- I have a terrible vomit experience still vivid in my mind- and never when you have a change of clothes! I'm glad the trip was worth it:)


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